Values and Respect

The family that founded Phenix Salon Suites entered the salon business 85 years ago. Over the years, generations of salon professionals built experience, to allow us truly understand what the stylists and other professionals who join our family want and need. Understanding and responding to that need is the focus of our company.

We at Phenix, understand what the Salon Professionals go through on a daily basis and take this into account in every decision we make. After all, Gina Rivera (our founder) still works as a Hair Dresser in one of the Phenix suites. Gina designed the facilities and our operational policies with YOU, the salon professional, in mind. Gina leads the business with her heart and she has taught all of us involved in Phenix to understand what you go through, what your challenges are and what can help you be successful.

We firmly believe that salon professionals should work in an environment where they are valued and respected. This is why at Phenix you are never to be treated as a renter but as part of the family. Your suite is truly yours to bring about your unique style and artistry and welcome your clients 24 /7/365. We will never stand in your way and we will always ensure you work without distraction in a suite with a décor created by you.


Over the past few years, the “Salon Suite” concept has taken the salon industry by storm, and it’s easy to see why.  Salon Professionals receive a much better value for their money, and their clients love the private experience that the suite provides. And everyone loves that there is no more “salon drama.”  Phenix is the recognized leader in the Salon Suite industry and the ideal business partner for salon Professionals who are ready to take control of their careers.

Gina Rivera and Phenix Salons

Serving Salon Professionals by:

  • Luxurious, boutique suites, reflecting your unique style in a spa feel environment
  • Private workspace designed by you exclusively for your clients
  • Freedom to set your schedule and select products at your choice
  • Essential equipment provided to reduce start-up costs
  • No long term commitments through a month to month licensing
  • Work independently or share a suite at no additional charge
  • FREE cutting-edge education for hairstylists
  • Become paid member of our National Education Team and earn extra income
  • Superior High Quality Salon Product Line and hair color available to you at exclusive conditions
  • Caring franchise owners embracing your needs
  • National branding and marketing to help promote your high standards

Introducing Gina’s Platform


Power your salon suites with the latest in salon suites software to streamline your operation, open new revenue streams, and help your tenants succeed.

  • Consolidate, organize, and get more options with suites management software.
  • Decrease late rent payments, while being able to offer tenants more ways for your tenants to pay their rent. This is rent collection made for salon suites.


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